Power of design

Companies often struggle to solve problems with the usual analytical and deductive tools. Livework’s design process offers a powerful alternative providing a generative and creative approach to finding solutions.

Our design thinking approach helps you to imagine and test and re-design a solution quickly, until it matches the reality of the market. In practice, service design combines analytical and imaginative thinking.

Our fundamental starting point in design is empathy with people (citizens, consumers, customers, users) and their experiences. When a business challenge involves being successful with customers, or inspiring staff to adopt new processes or ways of working, this is a great advantage. Seeing the business through your customers’ eyes can help people from the CEO to operational teams to make better decisions.

Livework brings a whole raft of visual and creative methods to solve business challenges. Over fifteen years of practice we have shown that our approach can be successfully applied to a wide range of complex problems like planning international security operations, optimising hospitals processes and innovating banking services.

Creative design processes prove to have massive impact on bringing innovative services to market and bringing the organization along on challenging change journeys.

Co-design: Designing with people, not for them

At Livework co-design is an approach to actively involve customers and staff in the creative aspects of developing services.

We understand how services are re-designed, optimised and improved in on a daily basis, while the service is up and running and being delivered by staff and experienced by customers. To work in this context we continually involve customers in the process of imagining new solutions and getting them ready for market.

Pull ideas, don’t push them
Our approach to designing with people recognizes the fact that customers have clear needs and often good ideas about how they can be met. We open up channels for customers to engage with business and operational teams in creative ways to generate ideas that meet actual demands and desires. We have proved this is a low-cost and rapid way to innovate.

Design solutions with staff
We find that often the true service experts are the people that deliver the service every day either face-to-face or behind the scenes.

In both cases, service employees have extremely detailed knowledge about what creates value for customers, and what works for the business. By involving customer-facing staff in creative design we decrease your chances of failure. The significant by-product is highly engaged staff that will embrace the improvement and change they were part of creating.