Since 2001, Livework has educated, trained and build capability with organisations across sectors.

Our training is supported by extensive publishing in academic and general interest journals, and can be tailored to the needs of educational institutions, public organisations as well as businesses.

Service design courses

We organise courses on topics like service design, innovation, customer centricity. We are currently developing a one-week open course in Service Design.

Academic programmes

We develop and deliver service design programmes and master classes for universities, design- and business schools across Europe.

Skills Training

We offer skills and tools training in service design, design thinking, business design and customer centricity – as stand-alone service, or as part of larger projects.

Executive training

We deliver cross-sector and customised in-house executive programmes, aimed at managers and executives.

Team and project facilitation

We build service design skills and knowledge through participation in active projects as well as knowledge transfers during and after projects.

Service design and innovation coaching

We develop service design and innovation capabilities of teams with a programme of training, coaching and projects.