Livework helps organisations with customer related challenges and how they affect the business and the organisation. To make this happen, we collaborate with our clients in service and business design, strategy development and staff and stakeholder engagement, among others. Our services can be combined and customised to fit our clients’ needs and circumstances – and to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Innovation & proposition development

With constant changes in customer expectations, market developments and the push towards digital, organisations have to innovate more and faster than ever. The challenge is not only to innovate at a large scale, which changes a businesses, but also work on the small innovations in service and customer experience that have a major impact on business.

Livework works with innovation or strategy teams to imagine and design the new concept, as well as with sales, operations, finance and logistics to develop (new) propositions.
To ensure new propositions are developed based on real-life insights, Livework guides organisations in identifying their innovation ambition upfront. Is there a desire to disrupt or to improve services? Our team helps develop concepts and early prototypes and goes out into the real world to test these concepts with customers and experts. After this initial exploration, imagining new concepts becomes more grounded. Developing concepts based on real-life insights narrows the gap between design and implementation – and ensures propositions fit the readiness and maturity of the organisation. The result can be a completely new service brought to market, or a relatively small internal change that leads to a completely new offer in a new customer segment.


Service design

Services are a key driver of customers’ experiences and a major source of customers’ irritations and complaints. Well-designed services that complement the product and the brand can be a major differentiator or competitive advantage. Yet, organisations frequently struggle to design an excellent service experience that goes beyond just a service number or self-service facility.

Livework works with clients to get the essential basics such as channel alignment, customer education and combining physical and digital experiences, right. However, the real business and customer value of our work comes from designing and implementing services that exceed customers’ expectations and fit the organisations’ capabilities to deliver.

Liveworks’ service design approach helps businesses gain a clear overview of how customers experience a service by using a variety of easy-to-understand tools and methods, such as a service blueprint. We take the design of a new customer experience beyond the concept phase by translating the target service experience into core system or staff capabilities needed to deliver the service. Our service design approach helps deliver innovative concepts, better services and offers methods to successfully implement the service across the business.


Business design

Business challenges ranging from customer centricity, to channel alignment and digital transformation are complex and involve all aspects of the business. Designing new processes, introducing a new enterprise system or re-organising a division does not deliver the solution. Business design is about bringing the simplicity of the outside-in perspective to solve the complexity of inside-out thinking.

Livework partners with clients to achieve business objectives such as a higher customer satisfaction at a lower cost-to-serve, or re-orient a business around a set of core services. Our external perspective complements internal expertise and guides the organisation to design simpler solutions that can be delivered over time.

Livework simplifies business design by combining, and taking inspiration from, a design approach, deep business understanding and operational best practices found in other sectors or businesses. We collaborate with our clients to define solutions that cover the inter-related aspects of organisations, involving people, policies, procedures and practices. Business design solutions can result in elimination of customer frustrations together with significantly reducing operational costs, or a complete reframing of a business towards customer centricity.


Staff & stakeholder engagement

Organisations launch a new product, or a new internal system and then manage the change in the organisation. This is often met with resistance, or worse inertia. Engaging the organisation early on and with clear and easy to understand (visual) communication releases the energy and positive contribution of the wider organisation.

Livework works with organisations create understanding and buy-in with internal and external stakeholders around new initiatives and projects. Engaging, customers, stakeholders, staff and experts in a creative process can create clarity that is often missing in the beginning and can be a platform to engage the wider organisation before and after the launch of the new situation.

A well planned and executed staff and stakeholder engagement strategy is the key to bringing new initiatives into a running business. Livework brings a collaborative and inclusive approach to developing engagement. Together with our clients we identify – and bring together – people from across the organisation who are interdependent, but do not work together. We facilitate sessions during which we use tools and methods such as visual storytelling, paper prototypes, real-life pilots and gaming elements, to help people understand what the new services or innovation does for customers, and more importantly, how it impacts the way things are done within the organisation.



Getting get sight of customers’ behaviour is hard, but it is even harder to connect experience experiences to what a business should do. This requires an outside-in perspective on what customers expect and a translation of these expectations into clear practices, processes and systems that enable and organisation to deliver.

Livework advises clients in what customers expect and how they respond to the way they are engaged by organisations. We then help them select the areas of improvements that will deliver the most value to customers and the business, based on knowledge of customers in particular sectors.

With over a thousand projects, Livework has attained expert knowledge in a number of sectors and big customer and business themes that we gladly share with our clients. Our advise to clients is based on case material which provides a very rich reference point to compare situations, benchmark outcomes and find solutions for customer, business and organisational challenges. Combining all three perspectives, we deliver recommendations that give clients a fresh or new way to tackle their challenges. Our advice is validated with customers and with (internal) experts in order to move it forward from a report into practical actions and activities.



Organisations have plenty of research and data that explores customers’ needs and wants, or predicts customer behaviour under certain circumstances. What is often missing is a holistic view of what customers are experiencing and why they are behaving a certain way.

Livework helps clients answer their research question by doing qualitative research involving as small group of customers or a horizon scan of current and future experience trends across countries.

Livework offers customised experience, behaviour, trend, and touch-point research for clients, building on our massive set of insights in multiple sectors. Using our research framework and tools, we analyse large amounts of reports and data. We combine this with our field research to create a holistic and outside-in view of the business.

Livework Intelligence is represents Liveworks’ ongoing commitment to understand consumers and their behaviours, doing cutting edge research and thinking, collaborating with several business and design Universities in Europe. Client projects befit from this growing body of work as Livework Intelligence combines research and practice.



Creating a cohesive vision and underlying strategies around customers and business is a challenge, but the most challenging bit is translating the strategy into specific activities, behaviours, changes and practices that make the strategy come alive.

Livework helps clients develop visions, strategies, and activities that frame the overall challenge, while at the same time identifying short-term and mid-term wins. Connecting quick wins to strategic initiatives helps create understanding, ownership and buy-in across the organisation.

Together with our client, we build strategies based on what customers’ experience (outside-in) and the organisations’ capabilities (inside-out). In developing a strategy, we engage different parts of the organisation throughout the process, creating the level of understanding and buy-in needed to bring the strategy to life. Part of our strategy development includes a business and customer roadmap which gives a holistic view of what the strategy execution can look like and it ties together existing and planned projects and initiatives.