At Livework our goal is to create impact for our clients. We provide outside-in insight into business challenges and bring a customer’s perspective to everything we do. The impact we have can be divided into three clear areas; impact on the customer experience by improving services for customers, business impact on key performance factors such as cost or revenue and impact on what we call the organisational challenge enabling businesses to deliver on their ambitions through more creative and effective approaches.


The Customer Story

Understanding customer stories helps businesses to think about what experience they want customers to have. Will the story be positive, will they recommend you or will they be dissatisfied?

Livework offers businesses or service providers an approach to understand customers’ stories in ways that make their experience easier to understand. Our design methods enable businesses to develop solutions for how they can provide better services.

We enable our clients to imagine and create excellent customer experiences by tackling the irritations and failures customers have and identifying how to better engage customers in new and improved ways. This can be through small tweaks to the service or by being more ambitious and innovating new service propositions.


Business Impact

Businesses have goals and challenges – growth, costs and competition. They generally employ the best tools they can find to achieve their goals and meet their challenges. In a complex, networked, digital and customer-driven world, Livework’s service design approach can have impact on key business drivers.

We help clients to move forward. Whether the challenge is to adapt to new technologies or to refine abilities to compete in a market, the solutions will involve customers. We help our clients understand how customers, adopt, migrate, buy, use or remain loyal.

Livework provides an approach for understanding the business needs – it begins outside the business, in the markets, businesses or lives of customers. This approach offers a fresh perspective on the challenges organisations face and new tools to address them.

Livework uses the customer lens to help clients explore and create new business concepts to compete better in their markets. We develop strategies for how to become a more digital business driven by customer need. We bring a different perspective to performance by thinking about how businesses achieve high performance with customers and we enable our clients to successfully develop, launch and exploit new products and services.


Organisational Challenge

In many ways having a vision for a better customer experience or an innovative service is the easy bit. Getting it to happen in your organisation is less easy. Livework is not simply about painting a picture of the bright future, we also roll up our sleeves and enable our clients to make the change.

Livework offers a better understanding of customers and how to use this insight to engage people and structure strategies and plans. The approach uses customer stories to align activities between the departments of our clients’ organisation. We work with staff to improve their work and the work they do for customers to make it more creative and rewarding. We also provide tools to enable our clients to build their capability for customer centricity and practical approaches to embedding it in the business. Finally, we understand the challenge of speed and how to move an organisation forward in a more agile fashion.