Volkswagen Germany

When Volkswagen decided to enter the car sharing market, they wanted to differentiate themselves from existing participants. Livework’s service and mobility experience enabled it to quickly test a range of concepts with customers, to understand what Volkswagen’s unique selling point would most profitably be.

A growing trend with reach into a new market

Car clubs provide cars for members to rent from convenient locations in their own neighbourhoods. Smartcard access removes the need for depots and online membership reduces the paperwork. Volkswagen wanted to participate in this growing trend with its appeal to younger urban drivers.

How not avoid being another ‘me-too’ offer

Car clubs are fairly new – but have become standardised and niche. How could Volkswagen make the concept mainstream? How could they capitalise on their strengths as Europe’s largest auto manufacturer? We defined their point of differentiation as the convenience and reliability they could provide because of their size and range.

<br/>How not avoid being another ‘me-too’ offer
Use quick and simple ways to engage in dialogue with potential customers from day one.

Convenience and reliability as key customer needs

Existing car clubs sometimes let customers down when cars are unavailable at peak times. Volkswagen’s new car club, Quicar, can provide a large number of well-stocked rental stations, enabling customers to book a car within five minutes. At peak times, Quicar can easily provide more cars.

Personalised Service

Volkswagen’s large range means Quicar can provide cars to meet a variety of customer needs, including those of students, commercial businesses, and families. To include families, Quicar offers ‘Quicar Plus’ and a ‘Family’ option, to give people longer access and shared accounts.

How can we take a niche service mainstream?

Driving things forward

We focused on a key customer irritation with the existing car club model to unlock a whole strategy for Volkswagen. By enabling Quicar to provide a uniquely reliable and convenient service, Volkswagen has helped move an emerging model forward and grown the market for their customers.