NCR’s customers often dealt with an overwhelming amount of information when managing their ATM networks. Livework helped NCR understand how to redesign their software to save their customers time and money.

Speed and efficiency are crucial to customers

Global technology company NCR provides banks and other customers with ATMs and the software solutions to manage them from their own data control centres. Uptime and speed are critical to both NCR and their customers as any slowdown in the data control centres costs customers in money and lost business.

Poor software design has a business impact

Some customer operatives were dealing with multiple windows of data on the same screen, which put their ATMs at risk of downtime. NCR asked us for help in understanding how to minimise this risk for their customers.

Poor software design has a business impact
ATM service dashboard detail

True understanding of the issues leads to better design

We visited a number of data control centres and spoke extensively to operatives. This led us to realise that the key issue was accessibility. We redesigned the way the data was presented into an easy-to-read dashboard format that pulled out what was most important.

"I simply loose time every day dealing with this [previous] interface"
Bank employee, USA,

A single screen solution that maximises operational management

The result was a single screen approach that allows users to access the information they need clearly and efficiently, making the flow of information much better and maximizing operational management.

Poorly considered software is a business problem

Better design saves time and money

Our customer-centric approach has helped many companies that deal with complex software. By understanding the work of key staff, we were able to redesign the way NCR presented data into a more legible format that saved their customers time and money.