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Technology has revolutionised the way people interact with television and radio and has made available a huge amount of audience data. Livework helped the BBC understand how it could use this newly available audience data to provide people with a better and more personalised service.

Changing technology will make the audience relationship more personal

In the future, TV and radio will increasingly be delivered over the internet rather than through broadcast media. As a result, the BBC’s interactions with its audience will increasingly be one-to-one. The BBC wanted to think about how best to respond to this new opportunity.

TV can really get to know it’s audience

The way users interact with internet, radio and television allows the BBC to capture a huge amount of data about viewing habits. It also allows them to capture far more accurate and detailed data than in the past.

TV can really get to know it’s audience
Personalised data service proposition for the BBC

Public service responsibility

As a public service, the BBC was aware they shouldn’t use personal data solely as a source of marketing information. They asked us to find ways to help users own and get value from this new technology.

60% of TV viewing is expected to be over IP by 2020

Using data to change relationships

We showed BBC Research & Innovation how other sectors are using personal data to change the way they deliver services. We then conducted our own research into the habits of key BBC audience groups, to show the BBC how it could engage with users in more participatory ways.

Tangible scenario helps explore future options

We advised the BBC to redefine personal data as belonging as much to the user as to the BBC. Users would each have their own ‘personal annual viewing report’ and could, for example, use their viewing profile to share special interests with other users.

It's your data

Our work stimulated discussion at board level and the development of a customer data strategy. It helped BBC Technical and Future Media agree what technology they need to develop to deliver Internet TV. Finally, it helped the BBC develop a unique ‘public service vision’ for audience data.